The Only Client Interaction Management Platform for Financial Services

It's time to move beyond audio & video. Introducing the first platform for remote collaboration and end-to-end client engagement, purpose-built for financial advisors & bankers.

It's possible for financial advisors & bankers to be brilliant remotely when working with clients, but it takes elegant technology to enable great experiences. SigFig Engage unites simple, intuitive client-facing technology with a growth-enabling, integrated advisor backend.

Built for Enterprise

  • Interactive Platform

  • Immersive Content

  • Integrated Workflows

  • Process Automation

  • Digital Needs Discovery

  • Scalable Sales Enablement

SigFig Engage Belongs in a Class of its Own

Interactive Platform

Leverage the screen & a suite of tools purpose-built for financial services to provide personalized, collaborative, and focused sales, service, and advice.

Immersive Content

Guide clients through content designed to educate & explain important financial decisions, goals, and priorities.

Integrated Workflows

Connect & automate workflows using existing tools (like your calendar, CRM, and chat apps) to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Sync & Async Communication

State of the art voice & video you've come to expect as standard, plus async chat & file-sharing to keep in touch.

Digital Needs Discovery

Lead clients through needs discovery journeys to surface financial priorities and pain points to drive high-value conversations & conversions.

Scalable Sales Enablement

Equip advisors & bankers with a platform that positions them to do what they do best: help clients achieve their goals.

A Collaboration Platform to Complement Wealth Management

SigFig also offers industry-leading, award-winning portfolio management products that pair perfectly with SigFig Engage.

Interactive & Immersive Experiences

Needs discovery, advice, and recommendations all done leveraging the full power of your digital screen; relevant client-specific context at your fingertips, allowing you to personalize your interaction and relationship. And top-performing sync & async communication tools.

Integrated Workflows

Streamlined workflows allow you to get common tasks done quickly and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Open data platform that allows connecting disparate sources of information together to leverage in the client & advisor interaction.

Modern Content to Delight Clients

Give your client the control to talk through their goals, concerns, expectations and more when it makes sense; and give dynamic and easy to understand recommendations. Collaboratively work through experiences to tweak different variables and imagine various “what if” scenarios together.

What our partners are saying

"This system was fantastic to use. It was quick, concise, and took care of all disclosure and delivery requirements without the need to print off pages."

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