Our advice saves you money (and keeps the lights on for us)
SigFig analyzes your portfolio then gives you advice to help you save and make more. Depending on the advice you take, you may put more money in your pocket while we take a little out of the broker’s or advisor’s.
It's a pretty sweet deal—we do the work, you rake in the savings.
Our advice is tailored to you.
We deliver advice based on what's best for you. Among other things, all our advice is ordered based upon unbiased criteria such as savings, earnings, and severity.
Curious how we come up with your recommendations? Check out the science behind our advice.
Common Questions & Disclosures
How do you make money from advice?
A lot of our advice isn’t tied to revenue. But in certain cases:
  • Brokerages compensate us for sending them new customers. Brokerages we recommend are sorted by savings and the likelihood you will find special options (such as free ETF trading) appealing. 

  • Advisors compensate us a percentage of their management fee for sending them new clients – the percentage paid to SigFig is the same regardless of advisor and will not result in any additional cost or fees to you. Advisor compensation does not impact which advisor(s) we recommend to you.

  • Additional details on fees and compensation can be found in our ADV disclosure.
Is your advice biased since it's tied to revenue?
Our advice is driven by data, not opinion. It makes no difference to our algorithms who your advisor or broker is. Among dozens of other data points, we rank your advice in order of savings, earnings, and severity - all of which are decided by computers.
Do you alter my advice based on the amount of money you make?
At no point do we ever let profitability affect the quality of our advice. In fact, a lot of our advice isn’t tied to revenue. The few recommendations we generate revenue from are still ranked in order of savings, earnings, and severity – regardless of whether we profit from those rankings or not.
Do people or institutions pay you to alter your advice?
We’ll never accept money from third parties to change or alter our advice. Your trust is our most valuable asset and we’d never risk losing that trust by serving you questionable advice just to earn a paycheck.
Do you sell my contact information?
We don’t sell your contact information. Earning and maintaining your trust is our highest priority and there’s no quicker way to lose that trust than by selling your information (as many free sites often do).
Will you ever start charging me to use SigFig?
We’re committed to keeping SigFig free for our users. If at any point we do charge for SigFig, it will be in the form of premium features or services which are separate from SigFig.
Who can I speak to if I have more questions about the integrity of your advice?
If you ever have any questions about a recommendation you’ve received or the integrity of that recommendation, you can e-mail one of our investment gurus at support@sigfig.com.