All fighting to level the playing field between you and Wall Street.
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Between Wall Street’s "profits over people" mentality, the fee-riddled investment industry, and portfolio minimums that prohibit millions of investors from accessing quality advice, we felt something had to be done. That’s why we’re here today building SigFig — a product born from the shared belief that saving and growing your money has been too hard, for too long.

Meet the team in charge

Mike Sha
Co-Founder and CEO
Prior to SigFig, Mike held senior roles at Amazon where he launched and built the Amazon Visa Card into one of the fastest growing consumer loyalty cards in history, was one of the original inventors of Amazon's Prime program, as well as built sophisticated fraud detection models that leveraged statistical data analysis in preventing online fraud. Mike has a BA in Applied Math and an MS in Computer Science from Harvard.
Terry Banet
Chief Investment Officer
With over 25 years of investment experience, Terry has held senior investment management and private banking positions at JPMorgan and USTrust. Terry earned a BS in Accounting from Lehigh University and an MBA from the Wharton School.
Roger Fong
Chief Technology Officer
Before SigFig, Roger led a team of engineers at and spent nearly 5 years designing and building Amazon’s ordering systems. Roger holds a BA in Computer Science & Economics and a Masters of Engineering in Computer Science from Cornell.
Jay Moon
Business Development
Jay has held leadership roles at Digitas, where he led direct marketing strategy for American Express, Charles Schwab and eBay. Prior to re-joining the team, he started his own YCombinator-backed company and was one of the first employees at Wikinvest, SigFig' s predecessor. He has a BA in Sociology from Harvard.

Meet some of our board members, investors, and advisors

Dixon Doll
Co-Founder DCM
Dixon has spent over 35 years guiding entrepreneurs in the tech and comm sectors. Four times in a row, Forbes listed Dixon as one of the top 100 venture investors.
Jason Krikorian
DCM, Sling Media
Before joining DCM as a GP, Jason co-founded Sling Media, the pioneering digital media device company that created the Slingbox.
Mark Britto
Mark serves as CEO of Boku, the leading mobile payments platform. Prior to Boku, Mark served as CEO of Ingenio and SVP of worldwide services and sales at
Charlie Cheever
Facebook, Quora
Charlie is co-founder of Quora, an online database of the world’s knowledge. He was formerly an engineer at Facebook where he oversaw the creation of FB Connect.
Gordon McLeod
Wall Street Journal
Gordon was President of the WSJ Digital Network, where he ran consumer business across WSJ, MarketWatch, Barrons, and
Bill Harris
PayPal, Intuit
Before becoming CEO of Personal Capital, Bill was CEO of Intuit (the makers of Quicken, QuickBooks and TurboTax) and CEO of PayPal.
Raanan Bar-Cohen
Raanan serves as VP of Media Services at Automattic, the company behind Prior to Automattic, Raanan ran product strategy for Dow Jones Online.
David Yoo
Boku, AT&T, PayPal
David is SVP of Strategy at Boku. Prior to Boku, David was SVP and CPO at AT&T interactive. David has also held leadership roles at PayPal and eBay.
Steve Schultz
Yahoo!, Pageonce
Before joining Pageonce as COO, Steve was acting head of Yahoo! Finance and ran product development for Yahoo! Real Estate.
Owen Van Natta
Zynga, Myspace
Owen Van Natta is the Executive Vice President of Business at Zynga. Most recently, Owen served as Chief Executive Officer of MySpace.
Moffett Cochran
Silvercrest, Credit Suisse
Prior to forming Silvercrest - which now manages over 10 billion in assets - Moffett served as President of Credit Suisse Asset Management.
Marty Moe
AOL, SB Nation
Marty is CCO of SB Nation. Prior to SB Nation, Marty was SVP of AOL MediaGlow. Marty also served as Deputy Chief of Staff for Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers.
Rob Klapper
Charles Schwab
During his 14 years at Schwab, Rob helped build Schwab’s brand image and establish its leading online presence.
Ron Hirson
Boku, AT&T
Ron has over 15 years experience in the online consumer space. Ron is SVP of Product & Marketing at Boku and served as VP of Product at AT&T Interactive.
Allen Morgan
Idealab, Mayfield Fund
Allen is the Managing Director of New Ventures at Idealab. Allen continues as a Venture Advisor at Mayfield Fund, where he was a Managing director for 12 years.
Parker Conrad
A lifelong investor, Parker held marketing and strategy roles within Amgen’s Nephrology Business Unit. Parker graduated “Thank the Laude” from Harvard with a degree in Chemistry.

Meet a few of the hard-working men and women behind SigFig

Data Analyst
Human Calculator
PR and Marketing
Resident Storyteller
Graceless ballerina
Software Developer
I hate my team photo
Software Engineer
Office foosball champ
Design Director
Pageant Dad
Pig artist
Biz Dev
In the 99%
Trying to get in the 1%
Operations Manager
Go razorbacks!
Home brew enthusiast
Product Strategy
On the atkins diet
Software Engineer
Supports team Jacob
Loves candle-lit dinners
Software Engineer
Enjoys paragliders and kayaks

Software Engineer
Family man of four
U.S. Army Reserve SGT
Picking up skydiving and knitting, maybe together

Data and Analytics
Moose, Squirrel, Pig

Software Engineer
Almost made sound effects for a living

System Engineer
Diehard Giants fan
Sashimi vacuum
Product Manager
Trust him, he's a doctor

Project Manager
Tae Bo specialist
Oatmeal lover
Software Engineer
Volcano Aficionado
Devours prime rib