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Get more from your portfolio

Organize your account in one place. Uncover costly mistakes and fix them for good.

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Here's how it works


Get all your accounts organized

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Securely sync all your
accounts in seconds — we'll
crunch the numbers...
...and give you a
complete view of your
entire portfolio.

We keep your data secure and private


...and receive personalized, independent analysis

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We check your portfolio's
risk-exposure, fees,
and performance...
...and compare them
to a scientifically-
formulated portfolio
managed by experts.

Read more on our investment methodology


...and stay on track with our easy-to-use tools.

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Simple adjustments
quickly fix problems...
...and help transform
existing accounts
into professional-
grade portfolios

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And it's all protected by
bank-level security.

  • 256-bit encryption
  • Independently-verified by security experts

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Meet the team that makes SigFig great

Mathematicians, engineers, and investment gurus. Meet the team

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