Social Media Disclosure

Last updated Aug 2, 2022

Clicking the Like button or equivalent on any social media site should not be interpreted as a testimonial for or endorsement of SigFig Wealth Management, LLC or any of its advisory personnel or supervised persons. The main focus of our marketing activities is institutional in nature and concerns our Enterprise products, and most communications are not intended to implicate advertising guidelines established under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended. As we seek to avoid conveying or adopting any misleading or false information in our marketing efforts, visitor posts should refrain from recommending investment advisory services or providing testimonials or endorsements concerning advisory services. We also monitor for material conflicts of interest and will periodically review disclosures and make modifications, as necessary and appropriate. We do not currently engage in the practice of compensating persons for testimonials or endorsements. If you wish to convey an opinion to us or have a question concerning our advisory services, please send an email to In addition, no one commenting on these social media sites or pages should post specific securities recommendations. Questions about specific investments or advisory services cannot be answered and may be removed from the page. You should never post any sensitive or personal information on any social media sites. We reserve the right to remove any posts or content that contains inflammatory, false or otherwise objectionable material or content that does not constitute reasonable criticism or commentary.