Perspectives on the future of customer closeness in financial services.

BlogNov 1, 20217 min read
Quarterly Market Review: The Recovery Gains SteamSam Bydlon

In stark contrast to the second quarter of 2020, the economic and market story of Q2 2021 was one of recovery and momentum. As COVID-19 vaccines rolled out in the West and cases fell in many countries...

BlogNov 1, 20216 min read
Quarterly Market Review: Investor Optimism AboundsSam Bydlon

The frenzied behavior of financial markets that characterized 2020 showed no signs of letting up in the first quarter of 2021. In addition to the strong gains posted by many U.S. stocks (and more mute...

BlogNov 1, 20219 min read
SigFig 2020 Market Year-in-Review: Investing During Unprecedented TimesSam Bydlon

2020 was a year fraught with challenges virtually unmatched in living memory, including a global pandemic, a chaotic U.S. presidential election, and the increasingly devastating effects of a changing ...