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3 Insights to Drive Your Firm’s Hybrid Advice and Delivery Model
I was very intentional in college about selecting a hybrid class schedule with some courses hosted online and some in-person. The duality of a hybrid schedule allowed me to benefit from in-person learning by establishing relationships with my professors and classmates, while I also enjoyed the ease and convenience of my online classes. It was […]
3 Ways to Harness the Screen for Next-Generation Wealth Interactions
Despite some obvious pandemic-related benefits, the acceleration of digital transformation over the past two years has also been criticized for putting a screen between people and some of life’s most important interactions—from education to workplace collaboration and even modern medicine.  When it comes to financial services, especially when offering advice, leveraging the benefits of the […]
Gen I: Self-Directed and Self-Motivated Investors
When I was a child, my parents would file away what seemed like mountain-high stacks of financial papers and documents for their records. As I got older and time passed, I remember seeing mom and dad become less flustered around tax season and spend less effort “gathering the papers” for their quarterly financial advising meetings. […]
6 Principles of Design Thinking for Retail Banking
Design is a critical component to making a connection with a consumer. We all use websites and applications to interact with the various service providers in our lives, immediately knowing and recognizing which ones we like and which ones we don’t. Poorly-designed products and experiences can cause us to lose confidence in a brand, leading […]
The Evolution of Fintech, the Modern Investor, and Tomorrow’s Advisors
Executive Summary Financial technology has revolutionized money management and the investor experience.Investors are more tech-savvy and, therefore, more critical about digital capabilities thanever before, which places substantial pressure on wealth management providers andadvisors. Those who incorporate frictionless UX and robust features into their platformswill likely be competitive — those who don’t may lag behind indefinitely. […]