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Reinventing Relationship Banking for Millennials and Generation Z
Millennials and Generation Z: The New Generations for Financial Advice and Guidance With over 139.2 million people, Millennials (1980-2000) and Generation Z (1995-2015) increasingly dominate the US population. They will soon become the prominent consumers and highest income earners that support financial institutions. These generations already hold a spending power of $3 trillion. By 2030, total consumption growth […]
SigFig Names Claire Huang to Its Board of Directors
SAN FRANCISCOJULY 16, 2021 SigFig today announced Claire Huang has been named an independent director to its board of directors. She will be focused on continuing SigFig’s goal of delivering customer-focused digital solutions that bring banks closer to their customers. The pandemic has increased the velocity of change at banks and other financial institutions towards […]
The digital revolution in human-centered advice
This article was originally published on BAI. Ask someone in the financial services industry to define financial advice and most will point to wealth management and advisor-led financial planning for high net worth clients. But ask a customer, and they’ll give a more holistic definition that doesn’t set thresholds based on wealth, nor restrict advice only […]
Some Thoughts on Jack Bogle
After Jack Bogle passed away on January 16, 2019, Mike sent the following note to the SigFig team. We share it below, lightly edited for length and clarity. Hi Team, Jack Bogle, founder of Vanguard, passed away today. Some of us may not have even heard of him. But Jack Bogle essentially invented the index […]